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Founded in 1966, our Restaurant has an increasingly distinct service for their guests, offering typical regional cuisine, home cooking with special attention to the taste and the quality in order to satisfie everybody. Today the restaurant is known as ‘Sciarabà".

Sciarabà: Sciarabà, or sciaraballo, from the French char à bancs, in dialect means calash: a mean of transport used in the past for weekend outings and picnics, which today we would like to accompany us on a culinary project which has as its theme the journey and as a destination the Mediterranean.

The cuisine of Sciarabà, starting from the wide variety of products in our region and in season, explores the similarities, differences and transformations of dishes that have their roots in local cuisine, the Italian regional cuisine and in the countries of the Mediterranean.

For lunch we offers light snacks, while at dinner, the choice is wider, including also pasta and other dishes.

The bar offers a selection of wines sourced mainly from Puglia, a selection of craft beers, artisan desserts and great centrifugal fruit and vegetables, prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients.

The project sciarabà was incorporated in the spaces of the Hotel Colle del Sole, run for over forty years by the family De Carlo, and intends to show himself worthy of this long history of hospitality, offering a peaceful and welcoming place to anyone who wants to have pleasant break.


chefs to work
chefs to work
Tipical regional pasta
Tipical regional pasta

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